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Loving each part of the #LUCID 2023 journey. Thank you for the privilege, Shiloh✨💗🕊️

~ Cynthia Domingo

Ooph - that Pattern Interrupt is transformative! I feel like I got 2 doses; once when Shiloh Sophia [Curator] did it and then once when I did! So grateful for this #Lucid class - on this day - and with these teachings💜 🦋 🎉 #Glow #Blessings

~ Anne LaBrie

Pattern interrupted! Dancing! Filled up my cup! Thank you!! 😘

~ Liz Chamberlain

She has spoken and she is complete now….. Guardian Dragon with her treasures….where she begins and where she lets off is entirely up to your imagination…..
I rarely do abstracts, but I think I may stay here and play for a while in this new (to me) style of art...

~ Grace Solman

Thank you everyone for an imaginatively gorgeous day!!🙏💕
This magical Lucid love affair is going to go into a painted infinity through the wee hours of creative intimacy…….🌙✨🌝🌛
Can’t wait to see your ongoing creations here!✨💜✨
Rest easy and have a beautiful dream infused evening! ☺️✨💚✨🌈🌟

~ Krystal Dyan

Where I was at the end of yesterday, enjoyed class, just what I needed.

~ Cheryl Gallagher

Thank you, Shiloh, for a wonderful teaching! It was a pleasure visualizing and painting with you all in community today! 😃
I am reclaiming my Imagination in a New and Powerful way! I am creating from the future! Stretching my edges and noticing my body somatic as my brain curates leaping towards the future, the unknown, and not from survival-based information past! I believe a system interrupt has occurred!! Weeeeee!!! 🤸🤸🤸💫

~ Denise Wollfolk

Thank you @Shiloh Sophia [Curator] and the support team!
I’m always amazed to see what happens when letting go and surrendering to the flow! I love this process! Late here in Belgium, so will continue tomorrow ✨💖

~ Nona McKinney


After an exhausting summer I was treated to the Flow Nouveau with Shiloh and Jonathan. Great medicine for the senses. I wrote a haiku about the experience.


Star essence flowing Cosmos

Our Lights above

Burning as within the All.

The choices of intention

Garner True results

Agency is now freeing.

Be gone false lies and taboos

Truthfulness a must

Flow Nouveau brought on the glow!

by Shelley Hines, RN, MSN

"Something special happens when we paint with intention, let go and follow the Flow. I wasn’t feeling well when I started the Flow Nouveau process. The warm weather called me outside and I connected with the elements and welcomed whatever wanted to be released, transformed and birthed on my canvas. I felt better already. The next day I was in total bliss connecting with my wild child (love that she wanted fluorescent pink!) and discovering the portals to new dimensions! Thank you, Shiloh, Jonathan and everyone for this beautiful quantum experience. " 

~ Nona McKinney

"Of the dozen or so painting processes I have participated in with Intentional Creativity, Flow Nouveau has been one of my favorites. The freedom of expression was so engaging and exhilarating. Oh, and messy, I had paint splatters all over my studio including the tops and bottoms of my bare feet. I am usually intimidated by bringing a form to presence and this process did not require a form. Oh JOY! The inquiries based around the myth of the Selkie Seal were both deeply moving and enjoyably edgy to embody and express with fluidity on my canvas. As I am in a place of anticipating a transitional move this coming spring, I brought that inquiry to my painting process. The portal became the depth of beauty and value, as a place of infinite possibility/potential and choice...always knowing I have choice whether to cross a threshold or stay put until truly ready to enter the new, the unknown, the potential. Shiloh's storytelling and teachings combined with Jonathon's presenting of the Consciousness Cascade and Cognitive Bias continue to inform me on a daily basis as I make choices and decisions of how to live in more and more awareness and intention!

I worked on the painting over the next week, freely pouring new colors and playing with fluidity and whimsey on the canvas. Then, I completed the painting during the Street Art Process of Paint Her Name adding red stars and prayer dots for the voiceless missing and murdered Indigenous Woman. Added stone work to the portal which appears to represent somewhat of a tomb and a womb for transformation. The snail reminds be that I have the agency to show up where and when I desire and also to retreat within as required for my well-being. All while allowing me to expand my capacity for love and compassion! This painting truly is about freedom of choice and possibilities!"

~ Karen Godfrey

"Here is my Flow Nouveau canvas as a 13-moon journey (as of Nov 3rd, 2023). Making prayer dots and rolling brush marks moves emotions out of my body and field and onto the canvas so I can stay present, embodied, and in flow. I am so grateful for our community and Intentional Creativity. Today its calling itself "Standing on Holy Ground"."

~ Dawn Karolides

"Flow nouveau is my latest painting within the Intentional Creativity palette.  During this opus, I was exploring some old patterns and false beliefs about my ability and worthiness.  The message I received was, "You are not alone, and you are Divinely held and cherished."  As you can see, many helpful energies appeared as I painted.  This experience was like honey on my heart and gave me much comfort as I made decisions for the next step for my spiritual journey."

~ Daria Cronic


by Michell Osborne


by Michell Osborne

Summary of my Flow Nouveau journey:

I just spent the past week by the bedside of my very ill elderly father & as support for my mother - seeing them in such vulnerability, fear, fragility has opened my heart & eyes in so many ways —- I am back home for a bit and needing to integrate what I have felt, witnessed this past week AND once again the Universe has in perfect time provided me the amazing opportunity to show up with all of you in community to process, shift & heal.

Painting to listen,
present to the inner voice of criticism in my body,
my appearance has been informed by it and trapped by it.

Beginning to let shit GO with paint and motion.
Rather than responding to the critical voice with actions to change, (it's a trap),
beginning to release, with brush strokes, the voice of the critic that was stuck my body.

Finger painting with glee in the child play layer,
Inviting the child self into the painting.
Seeing her dancing around through the color,
creating permission for play, declaring "I deserve space to be messy and creative!"

Pausing to ask "Where am I now? What is moving?"
Noticing a stuck feeling in my abdomen,
a stuck place behind & all around my belly button,
realizing it is the connection to my mother,
the connection that I have been trying to block.

Reframing my reality to realize that my mom was not trying to hurt me.
Recognizing that she was just full of fear and trying to protect me.

In the remedy layer, my inner voice declaring "your remedy is a face! Paint a big face & take up space!" and so I did and then noticed that her open mouth was breathing/speaking the stars and cosmos!!!!

And the sovereignty layer —-oh the absolute POWER & JOY to claim my sovereignty in real time and watch it wash over the canvas - not covering the remedy but instead claiming the remedy and catalyzing it - activating it as I witnessed my place in the cosmos among the stars.

An Antidote arising- giving myself permission to be messy & messed up, to not cope well, to make messy decisions, and to just be human. Creating a portal to passionate potential, painting as a naked form emerged through the portal... "She Who Shows Up" "Me who shows up."Naked, raw, real and empowered - I am my own superhero!

Flow Nouveau 2023 by Michelle Osborne