A Step-by-Step Process to Tap into Your Most Creative Flow State, Instantly Shift Your Mindset, and Experience Divine Feminine Connection Over and Over Again!


New to Painting or don't think of yourself as an Artist?

Watch this video with Shiloh Sophia and see if you are called...

You are Invited to
with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud

Transform Past Pain into Possibility

Alchemize Stuck Patterns and Beliefs

Open the Portal to your Passionate Potential

Heal Your Relationship with Your Self and Your Story

Bring Change into 4 Primary Relationships

Say YES to FLOW!

Yes, I said Transform your pain into possibility.

An Invitation to make a Change.

Now you might think to yourself….

"How could what they are saying be possible?

I mean, I have tried so many things and I can’t seem to make them stick.

What could make THAT big of a difference?!”

We hear you. We have been there ourselves.

We are the McClouds! This is Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia and we are the Founders of MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity. You can learn more about what we do in the About tab - but for now we have a little bit of our story to share with you.

Jonathan is a Veteran and survivor of war, who had battled PTSD for over twenty years. No matter what kinds of therapies or medications they gave him, when he would hear a loud noise, he would still dive for cover!


I am a divergent learner and an artist without a college degree and started out thirty years ago without any doors opening easily for me. I experienced lots of rejection, failure and missed opportunities. 

Together we found an incredible pathway to chosen transformation. And we want to share it with you.

What we found might surprise you. It’s called Flow.

Now 'flow' is a buzz term these days that everyone from the medical profession to the corporate sector, to the plant medicine world is seeking.

Why are they seeking it?

One reason. Your 'State of Being' creates story and access to flow changes state. So the thing is, it is 'state' change that people are after.

State change allows you to do things like transform pain, release the past, and make a new story for your life that meets your desires. 

But - there is a riddle to solve. Flow isn’t actually that easy to achieve (we found a way so hold on). There has to be a very specific combination of conditions for flow to be accessed. Yes, it’s mind. Yes, it’s body. Yes, it’s spirit. It’s heart. BUT! They have to be accessed ALL AT ONCE. 

When brain, body, and spirit are all in motion at once, flow begins! 

But it isn’t just access to flow - it’s access to consistent sustained flow over a period of time that allows for new possibilities to to emerge. We can show you how.

  • WHO: FLOW is for anyone who desires to transform pain into possibility through intuitive painting
  • WHAT: Through a nine-step process, you will create an abstract painting that serves as an artifact of your experience working through your FLOW State.
  • WHEN: Immediately access when you enroll.
  • WHERE: You will tune in and watch the recordings from your home studio, living room or wherever you choose to set up your painting space!
  • WHY: To create a change in your 'flow state' that transforms pain, releases the past, and makes a new story possible for your life aligned with your desires.
  • HOW: Register TODAY! Tuition is $297.
  • MATERIALS: Acrylic paint on canvas. A materials list will be provided upon registration. You can find the materials you need online or at a local arts and crafts store.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete the process and do not experience it as worthwhile. You can view our refund policy here. 

The FLOW NOUVEAU Painting Process...

You may wonder if you need painting experience to join our classes. The answer is - our classes are for everyone - whether you are an experienced painter or haven't touched a brush in years...

FLOW NOUVEAU provides a nine-step process that gives you structure yet also fluidity to make it your own. The painting will be a visual artifact of your inner landscape that will be discovered through the process, as well as a portal to your inner world.

This is not as much object-based, but rather an abstract, layered experience. While you will likely LOVE your painting, the purpose is to bring forth what's going on internally onto the canvas to be seen and transformed...

Example of the step-by-step painting process

Here are a few examples of student paintings in mid-process from a previous class called LUCID

By Anne LaBrie

By Cheryl Gallagher

By Maricela Danko

And here are a few more from a longer painting course, TEMPO

"I am in the midst of interconnectivity, quanta foaming and downloads from the Beyond. Momentarily it looks like this" ~ Easula Sedlmaier.

"Opening into the heart of compassion" ~ Carbery Neal

"#alchemicalconsciousness and claiming my space. Ah, how satisfying and self empowering that feels!" ~ Sylvia Becker-Hill

You are the ONLY person who can make the changes you are seeking in your life.

Somewhere inside we all know this but we continue to look outside of ourselves.

We want to offer you a powerful tool that you can use the rest of your life, to engage with state change.

Explosion of colored powder, isolated on white background. Power and art concept, abstract blast of colors.

Experience A State Change that you are at cause for. No experience needed.

Gain Tools for your Future that you can use again and again.

Vivid 2021, Guild, Dance, Staff

Gather in VIRTUAL Circle that is rooted in 30 year old community.

The interesting thing about traumatic experiences is that it happens everywhere all at once. There is an event that happens, then there is what you make it mean, which then solidifies into a belief that exists in mind, body, and spirit. So it makes sense, right, that to transform the experience you must ALSO experience the same things happening all at once. If we just do talk therapy we don’t address the body. If we just do body or energy work we don’t address the mind.

And spirit, this is the place we are all seeking - but if mind and body are disconnected from spirit, then all three systems are not communicating. We need them to communicate. But wait…there is one more system. 

It might sound strange unless you have heard of it before, but it is called: field. The field is the space around your body and the space in which your body occurs. Curiously, many of your memories are stored there, not just in the mind and body.

Now the thing about the field is that you can’t see it, can’t feel it, and don’t know much about it other than you are ‘inside’ of it - and yes, it is scientifically measurable, we just don’t talk about it much. But - it is the missing piece in the journey of healing. You might wonder: How can something I can’t see or feel be the answer I have been looking for?!

*Note: Some people with clairvoyance can see the field

Have you heard of this famous quote by Einstein?

“ The field is the sole-governing agency of the particle.”

Now there is no doubt that Einstein’s conclusion is a bold statement - he is basically saying it is the space around the body that is actually governing the body. Wild right? And, we think, wonderful.

We have a process that invites you to access mind, body, spirit AND field all at once. Sound too good to be true? That’s what thousands of people who have practiced with us over the past 30 years have said. It seems too good to be true. But it is true, because it is true to YOU and your experience and it is connected with your capacity to be free to express yourself. 

You see, self-expression, or lack thereof, is happening every day all the time. It’s just that most people have mixed up their creativity with talent and it just isn’t true. You are creative simply because you are part of a creation that is always in motion.

The flowers bloom, the seasons change, the sun rises and sets, everything is in motion including you! But when you can’t express and release, energy and ideas get stuck and have no place to go, the energy implodes and turns into stress and tension. It’s time to release some of that tension, there is some risk involved here, but not the kind you are thinking of. The risk is to try something new. To have an experience that has the potential of opening you up to new relationships.

Sneak Peek at the Painting Process

Flow Nouveau Painting by Shiloh Sophia 2023

Experiencing this material can guide you in transforming 4 primary relationships at play in your life! Check it out!

The first relationship open to transformation is the one you have with yourself - including with your mind, body, and spirit. Because how you think about yourself and your story and your past is 100% shaping how you live your life. Most of it is unconscious. So let’s get it conscious. This change begins in the brain. 

Sure, it’s easy to say - don’t be so hard on yourself, but how do you make it real? We will show you how.

The second relationship area that can experience positive impact is the one you have with your friends, family and colleagues - because your story of yourself is the framework you are viewing everyone else through! They are experiencing the self you present. This change begins in the body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop pretending everything is okay when it isn’t? Or to find forgiveness for yourself or them and move on? Old patterns unchecked wreak havoc in long term relationships. 

The third relationship that can be greatly improved is the one you have with your spirituality. Your relationship with the the Divine, whether you call it Creator, God, or the Universe, is ALSO impacted through the way you are treating yourself, and the way you are in your relationships. If you improve the first two, the third one starts to come into a new potential. Maybe you weren’t aware that you were viewing your relationship with your spirituality through how you treat yourself and see yourself; but there is no other way it can be. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT that you begin to work on your relationship with yourself. This change begins in the spirit.

The fourth relationship that impacts the other three is your outlook on life itself - the world at large. Do you feel you are a victim of circumstance? Are things just happening TO YOU? This change begins in the heart. 

It’s not really linear - because all of them are simultaneously in motion all the time and all four of them are impacting the other ones. That’s why selective therapies that don’t address all of them at once don’t always have the impact they could have. 

The key, the solution is actually in your hands. No one can do it for you. Otherwise, it would have already happened because we know you have tried so many things. This is the bad news and the good news: you actually are in charge. But since you are in charge, you get to actually make the changes you desire. 

Why not try it out for yourself and see? What have you got to lose? 

The change will take some time and some devotion but many people begin to see some results within the first few hours. Flow is what we are after because flow creates the ‘field condition’ for change to be optimized. The right brain and left brain and the hands in motion have a lot to do with the WHY for how this works. That’s why our research is backed up by science, but also by the people who have tried our methods. 


Here is some data from a 2017 research survey we performed within our community. Over 500 people responded.


93% said they experience creativity as a mindfulness practice.

89% said they include creativity as a part of their spiritual practice.

89% felt a sense of connection with the Divine (as they define it)

86% felt that their creative practice positively impacted those closest to them.

92% feel that creativity influences their compassion for themselves.

90% said they experienced compassion for others near them through creativity.

83% experienced compassion for others they did not know through stories they heard.

80% said they would suggest creative process to others who experience depression.  


87% consider themselves self-expressed as compared to before they were creating.

86% said they have experienced breakthroughs and aha’s during painting.

77% said they choose painting specifically to work through a chosen breakthrough.

90% said they have experienced a shift in their default thinking.

88% said they experienced a shift in their personal story through creating with intention.

89% said they bring insights into their life discovered while painting.

85% said they experienced an expanded sense of self.

79% noticed an ease of physical symptoms while creating.

93% experience creating as a relief/break that benefits their overall well being.

90% have experienced a shift in recurring emotional pain through creative process.

90% said that creativity helped them maintain a healthy outlook.  

So, here’s our invitation. Will you collaborate with us on one weekend of your life to experiment with what we want to show you? You will need to be brave because it isn’t want you think. This isn’t more self-help jargon. This isn’t a linear how to change your life in five easy steps. This isn’t a complicated buy in approach that requires tons of practice. 

We call it Medicine Painting. That’s right. Painting is a way for self-expression to be accessed and brain, body, spirit, and heart to be activated so that you can achieve flow. When you are in flow - with an intention set - you begin to be able to make the changes you want. Think of it as a prayer in motion. As you paint, you use affirmations for what your hoped for changes are. This isn’t about making a pretty picture - nope - it’s more like giving yourself a chance to be messy, playful, daring and risky - without any harm coming to you. This is one of the least invasive self-healing experiences you can imagine! Let's imagine it!

Hint: Through our years of research and thousands of clients, we have discovered the reason it works is BECAUSE it is confrontation while still being safe. It stirs up all your stuff but gives you something you can ‘do’ with all the stuff it stirs - you express it - and begin to break the pattern of looping that often happens with storied trauma.

Look - this isn’t a panacea. We don’t promise utopia. But we do promise an experience that invites state change. And state creates story. If we told you there was a simple tool that would allow you to bring a state change ALMOST any time you need it, would that be worth your time?

This invitation is just the beginning of what we have to share with you. There is so much more. But for now, let’s spend a weekend together and see what happens, shall we? 

What have you got to lose? You can keep doing what you have been doing and getting less than optimal results. OR you can try something NEW and go on an adventure that can be fun, pleasurable, and transformational. Change doesn’t have to suck and be hard. As humans, we are designed to rewire ourselves at the level of body, mind, spirit, and heart. It’s just we were missing the HOW. We have the how.

Let’s Flow. You might need to ask the wild side of you for your yes. In our experience, the wild side of you is almost always up for a dare. The thing is we quiet that part of ourselves way too often. Medicine painting is relatively safe and affordable and here’s the good news: it still pairs well with all of the other therapies. It’s just that what we have discovered is that for true change to happen, the WHOLE you need to be engaged, focused, and intentional for flow to take place. And flow allows state change because it is the ‘feeling’ and the ‘reality’ of how your systems communicate with one another. 

Lots of times, healing doesn’t happen because we aren’t actually communicating - our minds and our bodies aren’t communicating clearly and our hearts can’t get a word in edgewise, lol. The field condition for healing is an active space where self-expression can be accessed, felt, and reflected upon. We will tell you about the science of it in class, but for now - let us tell you this:

You truly are a miracle in motion. We want to share what we have found with you because it has worked for us and for thousands of people to mend their relationships with themselves and others. Because we KNOW you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. You just need access to more tools. Medicine painting just may be the healing tool you have been seeking. 

See you in class. Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud