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MUSEA Center is an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders. For 25 years their mission has been to empower access to innate self-expression through the legacy of Intentional Creativity, the practice of creating art with love, and mindfulness.

MUSEA serves more than 11,000 community members monthly through local and virtual live exhibits, and educational programming; and provides more than $500,000 annually to create jobs for women. Founded by Curate Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud in Sonoma, California as a museum and university to illuminate women artists centering on art, story, social justice, and the healing arts. MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® is a collaboration between the Intentional Creativity Foundation 501(c)3 and Mothership, Inc.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Co-Founder and Curate

For 30 years, Curate Shiloh Sophia McCloud has been devoted to nurturing the emergence of conscious community through self-expression. She has published 8 books, taught her curriculum at 3 universities, spoken at the United Nations for 8 years, financed over 7 galleries centering on women’s art and has provided millions of dollars of jobs for women around the world in the arts. While McCloud is an artist, storyteller and teacher, she is also a futurist who has founded one of the world’s largest global art movements, serving tens of thousands of students per month called Musea Center for Intentional Creativity®. She teaches a ‘path of practice’ in the arts, and offers ceremonies throughout the wheel of the year for people to repair their relationship with creativity, the earth, and themselves. McCloud is a prolific painter with many sold out shows. She still paints weekly for both her own exploration and on camera for her global audience.

Jonathan McCloud

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Chef

Chef Jonathan McCloud

Jonathan McCloud is Musea's Co-Founder, Executive Director, resident scholar and Chef who is a poet and artist at heart. He was born in a small West Virginia town and was built for adventure. He spent two tours jumping out of airplanes for the US Air Force and retired from service due to injuries. He found himself swept into the glamor and gastronomy of the food world and worked for top chefs around the world serving fine cuisine. He owned several restaurants as well as earned two advanced degrees with honors in business.  

After nearly 30 years of developing his career in hospitality, he changed his life path to take up life as an artist, photographer and poet, as well as working for Burning Man, Couch Surfing and more in the artistic, digital and business startup realms.  

He met Shiloh Sophia in 2012 and the two of them struck up a quantum conversation resulting in a life long partnership of love, and working together in business with Musea Center for Intentional Creativity He now brings his savvy to her world as the 'man behind the curtain'. Described by his colleagues as an alchemist, McCloud co-founded their not-for-profit, the Intentional Creativity Foundation, prepares cuisine for participants around the world with his culinary genius and creates supper clubs for eccentrics. He has a line of hand-crafted medicines and teas available at Musette Atelier.

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Meet Drew and Cassandra

Your primary support for Flow Nouveau will be Cassie and Drew. Cassie is a recent Color of Woman graduate and her partner Drew has been participating with us for several years. We are grateful the two of them will be painting along and posting and offering support in addition to other Guild Members that will be in the iMusea app.

Drew and Cassandra at MUSEA in Sonoma CA

Drew and Cassandra at MUSEA in Sonoma CA
with the iconic MUSEA Logo

Drew, Cassie, Shiloh, and Jonathan in Sonoma CA

Recent Color of Woman 2023 Graduate, Cassandra Lee, discovered Shiloh and Jonathan McCloud in 2021 and instantly felt the call to become a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher as she learned about the healing quantum combination of art + spirituality + science + somatics with MUSEA. Cassandra feels part of her Soul work is to be of support on your Intentional Creativity journey as you tend to yourself in a creative way no one else can do but you. She loves painting, but even more loves practicing and sharing the healing benefits of Intentional Creativity. Cassandra has walked many paths working as a professional graphic artist & web designer for nearly 15 years, including her current roles serving as the Resource Development Coordinator for the Montana Trails Parks & Recreation Association, Master Park Sign designer for the City of Whitefish, and scientific illustrator, yet she considers herself forever an artist in training.

Certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Worker Drew Carter has practiced Intentional Creativity since his partner Cassandra introduced the innovative modality to him in 2021. Drew utilizes Intentional Creativity as a personal healing practice through painting, metacognitive drawing, journaling, and poetry, and carries his lessons, visions, and inquiries into his approach to holistic healing. His degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado and a decade of field biology and ecological studies has helped Drew develop an intimate relationship with the natural world, and to appreciate the interconnectedness that flows through all life. In the last few years, Drew has oriented his focus and passions to practicing and teaching healing therapies, spiritual development, and holistic wellness. Drew provides support during Cassandra Lee’s workshops by making Intentional Muse-IC Playlists and is great at reminding students that it is about the process and that “it does not matter how it looks, it matters how it feels!” Drew’s favorite things are to be enveloped in music and to hike into remote places and capture Earth’s beauty with a camera lens

Together, Cassandra and Drew are Society Level MUSEA Members and are passionate about sharing Intentional Creativity as much as they can with others. As a couple for 15+ years, practicing the methods of Intentional Creativity for just the past 2+ years continues to allow expanded communication, compassion, and connection in their relationship more than ever before. Having experienced many of MUSEA’s offerings together, they encourage you to invite your loved ones, spouses, partners, family, and friends to discover your FLOW together. Cassandra and Drew are thrilled to be supporting you and whoever may choose to come along with you on our FLOW NOUVEAU journey!