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Loving each part of the #LUCID 2023 journey. Thank you for the privilege, Shiloh✨💗🕊️

~ Cynthia Domingo

Ooph - that Pattern Interrupt is transformative! I feel like I got 2 doses; once when Shiloh Sophia [Curator] did it and then once when I did! So grateful for this #Lucid class - on this day - and with these teachings💜 🦋 🎉 #Glow #Blessings

~ Anne LaBrie

Pattern interrupted! Dancing! Filled up my cup! Thank you!! 😘

~ Liz Chamberlain

She has spoken and she is complete now….. Guardian Dragon with her treasures….where she begins and where she lets off is entirely up to your imagination…..
I rarely do abstracts, but I think I may stay here and play for a while in this new (to me) style of art...

~ Grace Solman

Thank you everyone for an imaginatively gorgeous day!!🙏💕
This magical Lucid love affair is going to go into a painted infinity through the wee hours of creative intimacy…….🌙✨🌝🌛
Can’t wait to see your ongoing creations here!✨💜✨
Rest easy and have a beautiful dream infused evening! ☺️✨💚✨🌈🌟

~ Krystal Dyan

Where I was at the end of yesterday, enjoyed class, just what I needed.

~ Cheryl Gallagher

Thank you, Shiloh, for a wonderful teaching! It was a pleasure visualizing and painting with you all in community today! 😃
I am reclaiming my Imagination in a New and Powerful way! I am creating from the future! Stretching my edges and noticing my body somatic as my brain curates leaping towards the future, the unknown, and not from survival-based information past! I believe a system interrupt has occurred!! Weeeeee!!! 🤸🤸🤸💫

~ Denise Wollfolk

Thank you @Shiloh Sophia [Curator] and the support team!
I’m always amazed to see what happens when letting go and surrendering to the flow! I love this process! Late here in Belgium, so will continue tomorrow ✨💖

~ Nona McKinney